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  Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS)
Emergency Power Supply ( EPS)
Telecom Inverters
Servo Stabilizers
Isolation Transformers
SMPS Battery Chargers for Other make UPS
  Uninterruptible Power Supply ( UPS )
  UPS Provides continuous supply of Quality Electric Power to the Equipment
Connected without any interruption using the Utility Power and Battery Backup.
UPS Protects the Load from Power Quality Defects viz surge, noise, sags,.
True ONLINE UPS & Line Interactive OFFLINE UPS
  Fully indigenized and Custom Built UPS.
Designed & Supplied for Specific Load Applications with specified Output voltages, Frequencies.
Designed & Supplied for Non SMPS Load Applications like Flour Mills, Process Industries, Textile Industries, Motor & CNC Loads, Medical Equipments, Printing Machine Equipments and Audio Labs
Rugged & Reliable for Indian environment
  UPS Product Profile  
               B SERIES UPS ( INDIGENOUS)                        5 KVA 100 KVA
               C SERIES UPS ( IMPORTED KITS )                 1 KVA 120 KVA
               SOCOMEC UPS                                                   1 KVA 4800 KVA
               APC UPS                                                                0.5 KVA 200 KVA
               EMERSON UPS                                                   1 KVA 100 KVA
  Imported Kits with Automatic Input PF Corrected
CE approved and conforms to IEC62040-2 norms
Digital High Frequency PWM Technology using Microcontrollers & DSPs
High Efficiency & Light weight
Technically at par with other MNC brand products and competitively priced
Available with Inbuilt Isolation Transformer / Batteries
  1 Phase Air-cooled ( 1 – 20KVA)
3 Phase Air-cooled ( 3 – 100KVA)
3 Phase Oil-cooled ( 75 -500KVA)
Normal & Wide Ranges
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Rugged & Reliable for Indian Conditions


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